It’s *Not* Easy to Find a Good Place For Pilates in East London

Living in a city that harbors 10 million people, a world-city without doubt, one would think it shouldn’t cause any problems to find ANYTHING, including good fitness studios.

Obviously, this doesn’t apply when we’re talking about East London. I could write a book about my wife’s various experiences now searching for a good place for her weekly Pilates classes.

But rather than going on a major ranting spree now, let’s just sum up some of the troubles:

  • Entirely incompetent fitness trainers and coaches (think: part-time students)
  • Unfriendly staff who don’t really care
  • Outdated equipment that is in poor shape
  • Lack of variety when it comes to fitness classes and courses

To me it seems that most of the gyms now are riding the “bargain pricing” wave, trying to lure as many customers as they can and then at all costs. Now, here’s the deal: Whether I pay 2 bucks more a month for Pilates classes doesn’t really matter. But what matters is that I have at least one qualified coach that knows what he/she is doing.

We searched several months here in Hackney and only recently found a decent gym here in the area that my wife is now finally happy with, the London Fields Gym. They not only have courses for Pilates in Hackney but a lot more classes that might be worth checking out. We found their trainers excellent, highly qualified and superbly motivated! The rest of the staff is also super-friendly, you can see that they really value the folks coming in.

After so many disappointing experiences finding a place for Pilates classes in Hackney I can absolutely recommend these guys, so check them out!