Fire Safety And Large Entertainment Venues

Fire safety for large entertainment venues, like big clubs, stadiums and festival grounds has always been a concern.

Unfortunately, using traditional fire detection methods are not always suitable for these locations.

Smoke detectors may work decently well in small, confined spaces, but they are pretty useless for monitoring large outdoor spaces or large structures such as manufacturing plants and similar.

A modern fire sensor that uses digital imaging technology can now provide reliable detection of fires in such cases. Compared to smoke detectors, CCTV fire sensors operate entirely differently. They are not relying on detecting smoke or heat in their direct vicinity, but instead work by detecting fires by analysing a video feed in real-time.

Digital fire sensors have several big advantages: they can cover a big area to detect fires from a distance. Modern fire cameras can detect even small and confined fires from several hundred metres away. Their detection rate is also excellent. The FCam by Ciqurix for example can detect fires in only 10-12 seconds.

What’s more, compared to old-fashioned fire detection systems like smoke detectors, the Fcam can automatically summon the fire brigade when a fire is being detected. Compared to traditional fire detection methods, response times are greatly decreased so that personal or structural damage from fires can be kept at a minimum. Fire sensors like the Fcam are now increasingly more used to provide safety and security and many places where reliable fire detection just several years ago was almost impossible.

A digital fire sensor can greatly increase the safety for your home, business or entertainment venue.