What is a Christingle?

Christingle comes from the old German word “Christkindl”, which translated means “Little Christ Child”. The Christingle is a symbolic object used in the Christmas season to celebrate Jesus Christ as the “Light of the “World”.

Christingles are usually made with an orange, where the orange represents the earth and a candle is pushed into the orange to represent Jesus as the light of the world. A red ribbon is around the orange which symbolizes the blood of Jesus. Fruits or candy pushed onto cocktail sticks represent the goodness of Jesus to his people.

The tradition of the Christingle goes back as far as 1747 to a German bishop named Johannes de Watteville. The Bishop was looking for a way to show happiness that Jesus brought to the people and did with a candle with a red ruff. John Pensom at Lincoln Cathedral popularised the tradition in the UK in 1948 he was raising money for the Children’s Society

In the early 70s, the Christingle tradition wasn’t yet very widespread as only 20 churches in UK raised money for the Children’s Society. It wasn’t until the 1980s when first Christingle service was held in Westminster Abbey that the Christingle tradition gained big popularity. Today more than 1 million people attend a Christingle service in the UK each year.

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